Wine EssentialsA great website, like a fine wine, takes time to mature. Just ask Taylor Quarles, who opened in 2003 to provide wine enthusiasts with accessories that make wine an experience rather than a drink.  Over the years Taylor has grown his business and managed to amass one of the largest selections of wine openers, racks, coolers, chillers and glasses available online. But becoming one of the nation’s largest wine accessory retailers didn’t come without hard work.

Taylor says updating his website with new product and fresh content keeps her busy as does staying up-to-date with the changes Google and Bing have been making consumes most of his time, but he realizes the importance of both. “They’re both beasts that need to be fed often!”

While others are struggling to gain organic rankings in the search engines, Taylor’s investment in search engine optimization has yielded a positive return. “I’m proud to say that we’ve managed to build a profitable web-only business without spending money on pay-per-click advertising. The 3dCart team has been a big help with our SEO efforts, and it’s paid off for us.”

When budding entrepreneurs ask for advice on starting their own online business, Taylor offers tips that he says are essential for running a successful enterprise. “Pick the right partners in terms of eCommerce platform, back-office systems, and accounting, and learn all you can about SEO, fulfillment and marketing so you can communicate your needs clearly to your vendors.”

While his business continues to grow at the rate of 10 – 15% a year, Taylor says his future plans include securing more financing so his growth rate can increase to 25%. was not on the 3dCart platform when it first launched, something Taylor regrets. “We should have moved our store to 3dCart several years ago, if we did, a lot of things would be easier now.”

Now that’s something worth toasting!

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