NEXgen SmokeSam Sugura from started his eCommerce store on 3dCart in 2010 and is generating 10,000 unique visits a day, and in five short years he hopes to grow his organic customer base to over 100,000 people.

He’s one determined entrepreneur!

That’s one trait you’ll find in every 3dCart eCommerce store owner. In Sam’s case, his quest for an alternative to traditional cigarettes launched him head first into the world of eCommerce where he built a store selling eCigarettes and accessories.

“When I first started building the website, I thought I was going to need to hire outside help, but because of 3dCart’s customer service, online training and easy-to-learn platform, I’ve been able to build a fully functional site that’s first class,” Sam said.

As the popularity for Sam’s products continues to grow, he’s busy investing in both inventory and his marketing. He readily admits that the ever changing face of search engine optimization, SEO, is his biggest challenge which is why he turned to 3dCart for help. “We were attempting to do our own SEO and found that it was taking up a lot of time, now 3dCart has a team of professionals working consistently on our SEO efforts so we don’t need to do anything except keep our inventory stocked and our customers happy!”’s products have been featured on national print publications and, besides online, can be found in retail locations across the country. Sam’s focus continues to be on growing his eCommerce business with the help of 3dCart and encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same. “Whether you just need a landing page or a fully integrated eCommerce website, 3dCart offers the most tools to customize your store.”

Today, Sam’s sales are smoking and we’re glad to be a part of his success!

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