Ann MariesAnn Marie Bauman has literally made a name for herself. 25 years ago she set out on a quest to provide her customers with the finest European inspired gifts by opening up a specialty retail store – Ann Marie’s. From her small bricks-and-mortar location she took her business worldwide by launching an online store on the 3dCart shopping cart platform. is proud to announce the launch of their wedding and gift registry, which would not have been possible without 3dcart’s technology.

Today, is one of the largest purveyors of European pottery, glassware and gourmet items, but getting to that point took plenty of hard work and dedication. “We launched our eCommerce store 15 years ago and the Internet has given our small business the opportunity to expand beyond our shop borders,” Ann Marie said. “  Retail can be a dull business after a while, but with the Internet constantly changing, it made our online venture exciting and there’s always something new to learn.”

The changing nature of the Internet is a contributing factor to what takes up most of the time during her busy day. “There’s a lot of marketing involved with getting customers to our site: keyword research, on-site search engine optimization, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising to name a few,” Ann Marie says. “It’s much easier to coordinate the shipping of orders and manage inventory than it is to market a website.”

Ann Marie’s marketing efforts have paid off and she credits them with one of her greatest accomplishments. “We’ve been able to build up a base of customers that are loyal to the Ann Marie brand by making our website a close reflection of our retail store and the ‘Ann Marie Lifestyle’ that we’ve been able to create with our products, and we’re extra thrilled to announce our gift and wedding registry.”

Asked where she sees her company in five years, her thoughts immediately turn toward continuing to build upon customer loyalty and keeping her products fresh by introducing new ones each season to keep customers coming back.

Running an online store like can be challenging at times. Ann Marie has her list of pet peeves associated with eCommerce, one of them being free shipping. “We don’t feel we have to offer something free in order to compete,” she said. “We prefer to reward our customers for their business which is why we launched a loyalty program for both in-store and online purchases and that has worked very well for us.”

When asked what type of advice she can give to those looking to start their own business, Ann Marie says stay true to a plan, create a brand that reflects an image you want to convey and fill your orders in a timely manner. But her greatest advice is short and sweet, “be patient and consistent.”

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